Featured Servers

Minecraft can get a little boring on single player, so after a while you’ll start looking for multiplayer servers. We’ve checked out a few servers, and we’re going to post the best of them here with a short review about them.


Minez Servers

One of the first zombies survival servers I have actually enjoyed playing is called Minez, now many of you will be familiar with Minez, and would have played it, or heard about it at some point as it has become very popular. Minez is a Zombie survival server where you have to go around the map looting around buildings looking for items that may well save your life, while fighting off super fast, drug filled zombies. There are also other challenges involved like making sure you always have water and to make sure you always keep your eyes out for Bandits: who are players who play simply to kill other players and steal their stuff. As-side from the negative side of Minez, which is that it is very very hard if you are not into PVP and Zombie killing, it is very very fun to play on especially if you have a bunch of friends to play with you. I defiantly recommend checking out the official Minezwebsite http://minez.net/ And  I will see you on the zombie killing fields in game some time. 🙂


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