My first two skins xD

I’m pretty excited about creating skins now after doing my first two this afternoon, you can download them off planetminecraft, but here I will give you a preview of them before you decide. Here is my first one, inspired by the very popular panda girl skin, I haven’t done much to it, just added purple trimming to suit my needs. 🙂

skin20130120031733754441_minecraft_skin-4660132I love it xD

This is my personal skin that I have used for a few months now, I just decided to tweak it a little bit 😛

And now here is my second, also inspired by panda girl. She’s sorta like an emo girl, but she is still wearing a white panda hood, which I think looks kinda cute :3 I hope you guys feel the same

skin2013012004070493532_minecraft_skin-4660318So that’s it for today, I hope I can get to making some more skins soon, I would love some ideas on what to do for skins, so don’t forget to comment your ideas and also subscribe to hear more from me.

Till next time,

❤ Gaara406


By Gaara406

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