My First Post :D

Hi guys, so I was wondering on what to post for my first post and I thought I would show you a few of my fave minecraft builds. Just as a preview of what sorts of other things you will see on this blog.


Medieval Blacksmiths

This here is a Blacksmiths from one of my fave medieval building pack made by deerassassin0424 on Planet Minecraft. He’s made some pretty awesome stuff so make sure to check his page out:  I’m really into my medieval builds, I like building castles and I’m very talented at copying builds just by looking at a picture.

Medieval large house

Medieval large house

Here is another medieval build. A house this time built by: Beatfirestorm on Planet Minecraft. He too has also done some pretty awesome builds and I recommend checking out his page for more cool builds like this one. 🙂

Maddison Heights

Maddison Heights

And lastly for this blog post today is a modern build, also a house, called Madison Heights. Here is direct link to the builders profile If you are looking at trying out modern builds, you should check out their works for sure as they are a big inspiration and give you lots of ideas. Each project is easy to check out as you can download each one on a separate map, and have a look around inside the builds ect.

I hope you like this blog post, sorry if it’s a little bland, I will make sure my next one is much much more exciting 🙂

Bye till next time

love Gaara406

By Gaara406

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